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US Branding Project Win

We have just been given the go ahead to redesign a major brand in the US. It will include a look at branding, identity work, website development and publicity items.

We will be working closely with marketing and advertising companies both here in the UK and in the US as well as developers from around the globe to get the job done. So, there’s a real sense of international collaboration on this one. And, hopefully, a few more meeting sunny Tennessee!

More on this in the weeks to come.

Going Global

We have recently created a brand mark for the global services offered by Harrogate based interim management provider, Interim Partners. This new service, called ‘International Capability’, is aimed at placing highly experienced interim managers with multi-national companies in the UK and in North and South America, the Middle East, Asia, Australasia, Africa and across Europe.

The globe motif will primarily be used online to distinguish this particular aspect of the business from Interim Partners’ other online services.

Interim Partners is a Sunday Times Fast Track 100 company.

Patrick Jackson Design)

Icons for a Global Magazine

We have recently completed a set of icons to be used in FreeFlow, a magazine produced for the global acrylics industry. The icons act as an identifier for a particular article, characterising that page as a Case Study, Customer Profile, Global Chemical News, Environmental Sustainability, Industry Compliance and so on. The design of the icons – 12 in all – is part of a redesign for FreeFlow to update and refresh the magazine for 2011 and beyond.

The first issue has already been circulated to its global readers. Those who have responded have given very positive feedback to the new look.

(Article by Patrick Jackson Design).

First Look: Strong Coffee Branding

Over the past month or so we have been developing a brand identity for Bright Beans, an internet based company predominantly supplying coffee beans to the domestic market.

Capturing a contemporary, bright, fun and slightly quirky style was the key to creating this bold and memorable brand identity. To keep the identity fresh and ‘alive’ it will be reproduced in various formats and colourways. Three of the variants are shown below.

The stationery for Bright Beans will be printed imminently. Future applications will include: eCommerce website development, packaging, labels, blog and various promotional items. So, there will be much more to show on this project in the coming months.

(If you like this brand identity please share it with others. Many thanks).

(Designed and produced by Patrick Jackson Design).

First look: branding for a local theatre group

This is the first look at the brand identity work we have been doing for the Penistone Theatre Group.

After years of creating and shaping the brands of some of the world’s biggest companies, it is always nice to put that knowledge and experience to use more locally. A few months ago I was asked by a friend if I could help him to ‘re-brand’ the local theatre company, of which he is a leading member. Penistone Theatre Group has been entertaining the local area for over 50 years with a mix of comedy, farce, pantomime, musicals as well as more serious drama. And, of course, I was only too happy to get involved in such a fun and worthwhile project.

At the moment refining and crafting the identity is taking priority, but we are also looking at how branding might work across promotional and fundraising material. Here’s a look at progress so far (more on this in the months to come).

(Designed and produced by Patrick Jackson Design).

Icons for an energy business

Alkane is a UK based energy business that captures the harmful greehouse gas, Methane, and uses it to generate electricity. The company’s expertise in this specialist field allows them to capture or collect Methane gas from various sources including abandoned coal mines, biogas facilities and untapped coal bed seams. To help describe these processes, a series of icon like illustrations have been developed to be used on both the company website and within corporate presentations.

(Designed and produced by Patrick Jackson Design).

Branding Barnsdale Gardens in slate

Using as many naturally sourced materials was always part of the brand strategy for Barnsdale Gardens. This signage was produced in slate, which is not only a practical and hard wearing material, but also adds a new dimension to this brand identity.

(Designed and produced by Patrick Jackson Design).

Undeniably Scottish

This very Scottish brand was created for Aberdeenshire based motor repair company, Firstdrive. The styling and colourways of the main identity are undeniably Scottish in feel, taking influence from both the Scottish Saltire (St. Andrew’s Cross) and the Scottish Royal Standard (also known as the Scottish Rampant Lion). The tools/parts motif used in the identity were expanded upon to further develop the brand. Applications include: stationery, signage, workwear, promotional items, website, vehicle livery and Christmas card.


(Designed and produced by Patrick Jackson Design).

Alkane Energy Report and Accounts

Alkane Energy plc captures the greenhouse gas methane and uses it to generate electricity for commercial and domestic use. This years report and accounts, ‘Realising the Potential’, highlighted all the specialist expertise and knowledge needed to make them a successful renewables business – from site evaluation and test drilling, to energy park construction and electrical generation.

The reportage style images were enhanced by printing them using process black over a metallic silver ink, this enriched the black and white photography and gave the whole document a very high quality finish.



The design and implementation of a new website for Alkane Energy was completed in conjunction with this report and account.

(Design by Patrick Jackson Design. This project was produced in association with Duo Design and Marketing. Photography by John Houlihan).

Helping Barnsdale to grow a new audience.

Barnsdale Gardens, in the beautiful county of Rutland, is known to many as the home of the BBC’s Gardeners World programme, which was presented by the late Geoff Hamilton. Today, this tranquil spot is the unique setting for Britain’s largest collection of individually designed gardens – thirty-eight in total. It’s a place for gardeners and families to be inspired, to learn about the wonders of plants and growing things and to soak up the atmosphere created by such a huge variety of garden styles.

The contemporary design of Barnsdale’s new brand identity was specifically developed to attract a younger audience to the Gardens. At the same time, it was given a ‘down to earth’ and approachable feel to reflect their deeply felt philosophy of ‘gardening for everyone’.


Applications of the new identity include: stationery, advertising, website (with integrated shop), signage and various promotional items including a children’s garden design competition.

(Design by Patrick Jackson Design. This project was produced in association with Duo Design and Marketing).

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