Social Media – What is best for me?

‘Social Media – What is best for me?’ This is a question clients ask me frequently. The answer to this is not straightforward. It all depends on what type of business you are and what you want to try and achieve through online social media. Is it an ongoing and sustained marketing campaign, is it better customer service, is it to increase traffic to your website, is it to create more awareness for yourself and your services. Each one of these would need a slightly different approach and your efforts will need to be concentrated on specific social media channels while others may be less important and effective for you. And, of course, social media is in it’s infancy and we are all still finding innovative and creative ways to use its various channels.

The chart below provides a good overview of some of the most popular social media channels and gives an  indication of what they are best for, whether it’s customer communication, SEO, brand exposure and so on. (Please click on the image to view at 100%).

Of course, there are other social media channels such as Delicious, Reddit, Audioboo and others, which also can be very useful in the right circumstances. But, if you are just contemplating social media for the first time I would suggest you start with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and Flickr.

(Article by Patrick Jackson Design. Chart care of