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Alkane Energy plc: Annual Report & Accounts (2008)
Alkane Energy is the UK’s leading coal mine methane producer and experts in the build and operation of green, methane fuelled power plants. Their clean-tech power plants contribute to the UK’s efforts to reduce the emission of harmful ‘green house’ gas.

Alkane's 2008 annual report, ‘Realising the Potential’, focused on the specialist expertise and knowledge needed to make them a successful renewable energy business – from site evaluation and test drilling, to energy park construction and electrical generation.

The reportage style images were enhanced by printing them using black and metallic silver inks, this enriched the black and white photography and gave the whole document a very high quality finish.

Project Elements:

Annual report and accounts, notice of AGM document and interim report.

alkane annaul report cover
Alkane spread
alkane spread
alkane photography
alkane photography
Acknowledgements: Duo Marketing and John Houlihan Photography.